2K2BT Clothing’s Spotlight: Gordy Roberts

Gordy Roberts got in contact with us through our Stop Tattoo Discrimination page. He is 15 years old, and he has tattoos. After some questions and E-mails and pictures, we got to ask him some question about his life, his love for tattoos and how he handled being tattooed on such a young age. With school, teachers, friends and peer pressure surrounding him, he’s actually really down to earth and really smart. Follow the lines below to read more about Gordy and his love for tattoos!

Gordy sitting in the tattoo chair


Q: Hey Gordy,  let’s start with the basics, when and where were  you born? Where do you currently live?

A: I was born on March 1, 1997 at Nesbitt hospital, Kingston
Pennsylvania. I currently live in Larksville, PA.

Q: How did you get into tattoos? When did you start doing yours?

A: I got into tattoos because both of my parents have them. I’ve always wanted a tattoo since I was a little kid. My parents let me get my first tattoo this previous summer which was the begininng of my sleeve. Over the next few months, I got several more. All professionally done at a clean tattoo shop, by Mike Casale. I now have my upper back, chest, shoulders, and a full sleeve. I have tattoos because they are a form of art and i love the way they look. I will never regret these tattoos even though I’m 15 because, as I get older they will always be memories.

A true message to live by

Q:  What do your parents say about this?

A: My parents think I should be able to express my feelings the way I want to which is having my tattoos. Most adults think young children with tattoos are bad. My mom feels differently because, I get good grades, I don’t get in trouble, and help people out when they need me too. My parents are there for me and back me up with the descions I make. My teachers don’t give me any problems either, they love them.

                                              A better view on his arm

Q: Have you had any bad experiences because of your tattoos at such a young age? Have you received any misjudged comments from adults? How do you handle those situations?

A: Yes, I have. More kids my age than adults though. It doesn’t bother me by any means. I got the tattoos to satisy myself not others. When someone says something negative about them, I let it go easily. I let people say their opinions but It will never bother me.

Gordy showing off all his ink

Q: For such a young age, you have recognized the artistic side of tattoos and can appreciate the beauty and complexity of tattoos and the artists who leave them planted on skin. Why do you thinks tattoos in general are still being discriminated in the workplace or at schools?

A: Yes, of course. Each tattoo someone gets is there own personal story or has a special meaning to them. You have to be able to trust the tattoo artist to mark their art on your body since it will be there for the rest of you life.

Q: Speaking of school, have you had any problems with teachers because of your tattoos?

A: No, not at all. I actually thought teachers would have something negative to say about them but none do. If they have something to say, it’s always a good comment. My Character Education teacher always tells me how much he loves them.

Q: What do your friends say about your ink?

A: All of my friends really like my ink, most of them have tattoos themselves since alot of my friends are older.

Q: How do you like to spend your free time?

A: I like to spend my free time by riding dirtbikes with my friends, playing video games, hanging out with my girlfriend, listenting to music. Mostly anything an average 15 year old kid would like to do.

                                   Posing and showing off his chest

Q: What are your goal and ambitions for the future?

A: I really want to graduate and go to college but I honestly am not sure what I wanna do. I possibly want to join the armed forces because that’s what my dad and my grandfather did and nothing else interests me.


We want to thank Gordy for letting us share his story with all of you guys. Check him out on Instagram @ gordy_roberts if you want to kn ow what he’s up to.

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